I am a depth-oriented psychotherapist in private practice under the supervision of Dr. Richard Michalsen, PhD. My office is conveniently located in downtown Pasadena by the MetroLink and Old Town Pasadena. 

I am trained and certified in Mentalization Based Therapy and I employ MBT ideas and techniques to help my clients discover, grow, and thrive. MBT is an evidence based treatment modality that has shown great promise in treating conditions such as borderline personality, depression, and anxiety.

 I specialize in the treatment of trauma, relational issues, and depression. I do the most work with teen guys and elementary school boys and have also been trained in play therapy for children with special needs (DIR/Floortime). Parent coaching, group therapy, and family sessions are options as well. I perform school observations and do some limited psychological testing as well. At this time, I am unfortunately not on any insurance panels, but many PPO's will reimburse for my services. 

My treatment philosophy is based on a deep respect for the intrinsic value of the client's story, along with an emphasis on custom tailored, holistic care. I help clients address their issues from a variety of perspectives including  body-focused, intersubjective, mindfulness-based, and psychodynamic techniques.